Thursday, 26 June 2014

its things like that that makes me :)

It was like back in end of 2012 and start of 2013 when i was teaching groupon classes?

felt extremely happy when i received this text from one of my students!

The fact that they remembered me makes me feel so happy :) Though the groupon classes we organised was just a 4x weekly lessons thingy?

I appreciate and cherish each and every little of these things that keeps me going on. and on, and on.

Karen xx

Wednesday, 21 May 2014




偶尔很亮 偶尔很暗

我要你 什么都不管
倔强变勇敢 茫然变释然
我爱你 心就特别软
平淡也浪漫 无语也温暖

偶尔很亮 偶尔很暗


我爱你 心就特别软
平淡也浪漫 无语也温暖


Thursday, 30 January 2014


好像对部落格ing 有点上瘾了, 哈哈。


好了, 我讲完了。哈哈。

好,share 一首歌。



删掉你手机的讯息 清空你专属的抽屉
如果可以的话 多想 从来没认识过你
置身少了你的空景 何时不再触景伤情
雨滴和泪滴 总是会混在一起
你爱我 你伤我 不算什么
反正我 绝不说 我多难过
有你的我 没有你的我 往后日子都得过
你内疚 你难受 别告诉我
免得我 又搞错 当作承诺
谅解背后的颤抖 谁关心过
我不坚强 分手后不要做朋友
我不善良 不想看你牵她的手
该怎么走 就怎么走
就算寂寞 分手也不要做朋友
就算宇宙 早就安排好这结果
你曾经牢牢地 在我生命里附着
我要如何去假装 我没有爱过
终于不必为你挂心 终于多点爱给自己
好过不好过 都已跟你没关系
你爱我 你伤我 不算什么
反正我 绝不说 我多难过
有你的我 没有你的我 往后日子都得过
你内疚 你难受 别告诉我
免得我 又搞错 当作承诺
谅解背后的颤抖 谁关心过
我不坚强 分手后不要做朋友
我不善良 不想看你牵她的手
该怎么走 就怎么走
就算寂寞 分手也不要做朋友
就算宇宙 早就安排好这结果
你曾经牢牢地 在我生命里附着
我要如何去假装 我没有爱过
我太爱了 分手后做不了朋友
泪流干了 还洗不掉那些温柔
不要蹉跎 不要联络
我忘不了 我们曾不只是朋友
从今以后 思念再走不到尽头
你曾经紧紧地 把我拥在你怀中
我要如何去假装 你没有爱过



Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Cause i feel like bloggging~

i have not forgotten this little space of mine..

And all of sudden i just have this urge to blog, weird i know. haha..

to whoever is reading this, my friend, a stranger, i want to thank you for reading this and for staying with me on this site. 

i just feel like penning down my thoughts of what has happened to me recently, and yes, i can't put down names, cause ill keep secrets to death (if i have to).And i just want to share this cause it is/was a very precious lesson learnt.

Sounds serious eh, haha..  but I'm fine,:) at least for now. and hopefully everything will be so eventually even maybe one year down the road.

How do you choose who to trust in life?

Your family, yes, definitely.

Friends?, depends on how close you are?

And what about colleagues, or even someone whom you respect a lot, like a teacher, your boss?

I guess there has always been this flaw in me that i have been reluctant to admit it. i thought that the way i am to people, will always be right. You can't be that wrong when you are using your heart to think and do stuff. My simple logic was: If you trust me, i will trust you. As simple as that.

So recently the incident that happened to me, opened my eyes. I have to learn to protect myself even more, cause you can never be sure of what other people are thinking. People act and behave differently from you, and this is something that i have to stop using my brain to think of excuses for their actions. They are not what you deem them to be. Always have that safety line of protection, before you put in your whole heart to help that particular person.

And to put it simply, it doesn't mean that when people are nice to you, you have to be 100%nice to them back, and give in to whatever requests or favours they need from you. Do not be soft-hearted, just like idiot me. zzz. I was dumb enough to trust someone wholeheartedly, when in fact when i thought back, i hardly know this person. which is f-ing scary btw. Everyone around has given me a lecture, and till to the very last minute, can you believe it, i was still nice to this person, who has been eating me inside out gradually with her thoughts, her actions, her blah blah blah, everything.

I will never look at this person ever the same way again, its impossible. And i will still be very veryx10000 wary of her. 



Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Tree shopping and Dear Ark Boss's Bdae!

And so on Friday, i tagged along with my colleague to go over to Far East Flora to buy a Xmas Pine tree for our office!

It was my first time shopping for a ReaL pine tree and so i was uber excited and insisted that i want to tag along.

Poor tree is sold to Rachel!,

Noble Firs what a beautiful name

Our tree~~~!

Other flowers sold in Far east flora

Cute photo booth

Dear Little Snow Man

Plants that can survive in office conditions.!

Rows and rows of plants

Devil's ivy for you?

Air plants that do not require soil to grow!

Close up~

The scary ones.. haha, not allowed to touch:X altho i was very much tempted to

Close up

So many pine trees!!! waiting to be despatched to the different homes.

At night~~~~

Its Ark Boss birthday!

My phone really cannot make it in night mode zzzzz

how i feel~